Friday, January 22, 2010

Me And MY Spine Leading The Blind?!

It must be an odd sight. We do make quite the picture....there’s me, limping along, with the very unstable spine of mine making any walking feel quite scary. On the end of the leash I hold is my baby; my last of the three Jack Russells I have raised and trained with love, one of them, the result of our ‘wife’ and ‘husband's’ loving efforts. They did a great job and gave us four beautiful long-tailed pure Jack Russell puppies. We had to keep one, and NO tails were docked as we got them ready for sale. Now it’s just one.

Our walks are much slower now.

I have loved them all—deep in my heart. They have all been family members, accompanying us on long drives to many various campgrounds on the beach in Mexico during vacation time; deep down South into the Baja Peninsula, always ending at a place on the ocean.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

File Under--"And Other Fun Things Jan. 2010"

 ***I'd like to add here, 3/7/10, that I did some research on the attribution of this 'speech' to Mr. Vonnegut.  Here is a link that will lead you to the actual Author; who is not Kurt V., and her explanation of how the mix-up first occurred.  This is a correction as to the original Author of a newspaper column, Mary Schmich; her name hiding behind Mr. Vonnegut's, who never spoke at the previously reported MIT---ever, and through the miracle of Urban Legends and mass forwarding of emails, Ms. Schmich's words became--Kurt Vonnegut's.  Unwittingly he was the author of a newspaper article he did not write, and the Commencement speaker at a college he never spoke at.  Instead of deleting the words that I was so drawn to, I decided to make the correction, give credit where credit is due; and apologize for the incorrect attribution(s).
 Seattle Times Concerning Correct Attribution of 'Speech'

Gentle Hugs......

Welcome 2010 !

As I was reading my favorite Blogs, one does tend to lead to another, flying I go from link to link; finding new writers to read, newly-discovered pages of words, and the many ways of expressing themselves is perused.... and sometimes even more of a find is in the comment section. This certain comment on the blog, "One Sick Mother", caught my eye.

The writer passes along words from one of my favorite writers. I would have liked to have heard such a commencement speaker as Mr. Kurt Vonnegut. In these simple yet boorishly true statements, you do not need to look too deep so see that he speaks with the strongest undercurrent of all: LOVE.